Author guidelines

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts are submitted to AJLG by e-mail. Submission is an ongoing process and authors upon receiving the results of the peer review will be announced about the issue of the journal in which their article will be published. Submission of a paper implies that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
By email:


Peer Review Process

The articles published in the AJLG undergo a double-blind peer review by experts in the field. The peer review process of the AJLG usually lasts from two to three months.

Submissions are first evaluated by the Editors within four weeks. The editor may reject it out of hand either because it is not dealing with the subject matter for that journal or because it is manifestly of a low quality so that it cannot be considered at all. If the manuscript is considered suitable for publication, it is sent to two reviewers, two experts in the field of the paper. Referees of a paper are unknown to each other. The peer review process is double-blind, whereby both referees and authors are kept anonymous.

Referees are asked to evaluate the manuscript within four weeks. If the reviews are positive, but the manuscript requires to be revised and resubmitted, the author is expected to submit the revised version in four weeks.

The final decision regarding the acceptance of a manuscript is taken by the editorial board, which has the right to refuse a manuscript or to accept it with corrections.

Submission Format


Title of the paper

(Times New Roman, 14pt, Bold)


Name Surname, Name Surname & Name Surname

(Times New Roman, 12pt, Bold)[1]



Abstract (Times New Roman, 10 pt.) (up to 100 words)


Keywords (Times New Roman, 10 pt.): (up to 6 keywords)



1   Introduction

2   Literature overviews

3   Research and discussion

4   Conclusions

Acknowledgment (if case, Times New Roman, 9 pt.)

References (Times New Roman, 9 pt.)

Correspondence Address (Times New Roman, 9 pt): Name Surname, Ph.D., academic title, affiliation, address, country, phone number, e-mail address. (for each of the authors)

Simple references will be inserted in round brackets in the text, stating author's surname, publication date of the work referred to and relevant pages. For example: (B─âlan, 2010: 66).


Reference list must contain all the works referred to, listed in alphabetic order by author's surname, stating author's surname, forename initial(s), date of publication, title of publication, edition, place of publication and publisher, and pages.


For articles:

Author's surname, forename initials (year of publication) Title, Periodical, volume No. (issue No.), pages interval, doi if available.


For books:

Author's surname, forename initial(s) (year of publication) Title, place of publication: publisher.


For contributions in compilations and edited volumes

Author's surname, forename initial(s) (year of publication) Title, In: editor's surname, forename initials (ed.) Compilation, place of publication: publisher, pages interval, doi if available):

For all international and national official documents, follow the official style as used by the relevant body itself.

Originality and plagiarism policy

By submitting your manuscript to AJLG it is understood that this it is an original manuscript and is unpublished work and is not under consideration elsewhere. Plagiarism, including attempts to pass off someone else's work as your own, duplicate publication of the author’s own work, in whole or in part without proper citation, is not tolerated.